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2024 China International Exhibition for Powder Processing and Handling

Concurrent Exhibitions: PM CHINA 2024, IACE CHINA 2024, MMIC CHINA 2024, AM CHINA 2024

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March 6-8, 2024  

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center


Industrial Applications Committee of the International Federation of Measurement and Control of Granular Materials (IFMCGM)

Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd.



Contributing to the innovation and development of the power industry

With the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, powder raw material processing technology and equipment as the source of the industry chain is playing an important supporting role, especially in the new materials, aerospace, electronic components, bio-products, mineral processing, fine chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, coatings and plastics, environmental protection and other fields.

Based on the work of the past many professional powder exhibitions, the Industrial Applications Committee of IFMCGM and Uniris Exhibition Company jointly organize POWDEX CHINA with relevant associations at home and abroad to make it an international platform for the promotion and display of powder technology and equipment, promote face-to-face exchanges between upstream and downstream industries of global powder processing equipment and products, and accelerate the prosperity of the market in both vertical and horizontal fields related to the powder industry.

During the exhibition, buyers from global fields of new materials, engineering ceramics, fine chemicals, coatings and plastics, additive manufacturing, new energy battery, food and pharmaceuticals, etc., suppliers of powder raw materials, as well as manufacturers of powder processing equipment, instruments, and auxiliary materials will gather in Shanghai for technical exchanges and business negotiations. 


Convergence of cutting-edge technologies and innovative achievements

The exhibition covers various types of powder raw materials, powder processing equipment, storage and transportation auxiliary equipment, testing and analysis instruments, consumables and auxiliary materials, re-manufacturing second-hand equipment and other products, as well as pilot R&D, scientific and technological services, professionals training and other institutions, forming integrated whole industry chain information services, establishing a comprehensive platform for the upstream and downstream companies to conduct business exchanges and share the broad markets, and forging a one-stop comprehensive service platform that creates massive business opportunities.


Exhibition Range:

1、Industrial powder raw materials;

2、Powder preparation equipment: comminuting, grinding, mixing, homogenizing, separating, filtrating, sintering, granulating, briquetting, evaporating, drying, tableting, coating, hot treating, chemically synthesizing, and aseptic processing, etc;


Post-processing equipment including powder measuring, packaging, transporting, and storage, etc;

4、Powder processing online detection, quality traceability and big data, process intelligent control technologies and systems;

5、Particle analysis instruments and related equipment;

6、Safety and environment protection equipment;

7、Other related services.

Five concurrent exhibitions

Linking related industries, attracting more visitors

POWDEX CHINA 2024 will be held concurrently and co-located with The 16th China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy & Cemented Carbides (PM CHINA), The 16th China International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics (IACE CHINA), 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Magnetic Materials and Application Industry Chain (MMIC CHINA), and 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Additive Manufacturing Application Technology (AM CHINA).



of the



The five exhibitions can link up relevant industry chains, connect more upstream and downstream companies, attract a wider range of visitors, and form a “one-stop” business exchange platform that not only gathers more domestic and foreign exhibitors, but also meets the diversified demands of visitors and buyers.


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professional media

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Simultaneous forum

Concurrent forums with eye-catching content

Focusing on “Powder Processing and Application”, multiple professional high-quality forums will be held concurrently with the exhibition, inviting more than 100 speakers including academicians, professors, industry experts and corporate executives to deliver speeches, sharing frontier views from the perspectives of the latest technological processes, industry solutions, innovative applications, industrial policy guidance, future trends and development, etc., and deconstructing advanced technologies in multiple dimensions as well as analyzing the market prospects in multiple aspects.


Review of the past


Concurrent Conferences and Forums:

2024 Shanghai Powder Processing and Handling Industry Forum

2024 The 16th Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Industry Forum

2024 The 12th Shanghai Injection Molding Forum

2024 the 5th Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramics Technology and Industry Development Forum

2024 Electronic Ceramics and Components Industry Development Forum

2024 Magnetic Materials Development and Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality Forum

2024 the 6th Additive Manufacturing Conference

2024 Hard Surface Technology Forum

Excellent enterprise product promotion meeting / technical exchange meeting


Powder Engineering Center, Wuxi Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Tsinghua University
Beijing Tsinghua University Yanying Big Data Technology Co., Ltd.
China Powder Metallurgy Alliance (CPMA)
Powder Metallurgy Branch of China Steel Construction Association
Ceramics Branch of China Silicate Society
Engineering Ceramics Professional Committee of China Mechanical Engineering Society



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